Monday, June 8, 2009


This Gardenia bush was the only thing left after we had the front trees cut and after we removed the ugly (my thought, not Phil's) irises. It was very sickly looking and it didn't look like it would make it through another summer. I convinced Phil to keep it and give it one more chance. Well, with a little pruning and lots of rain and watering it looks great. It is even producing blooms! Yeah!!!

This gardenia bush is at the side of the house. It has done much better than the front one and looks great too.
I have always loved gardenias. I think they are so delicate and yet strong. I love their velvety pedals. Of course, the scent of a gardenia is strong and beautiful. I picked this one and gave it to Eden. She sniffed it (an act that somehow engages every facial muscle) and declared, "mmm, it is deee-licious mommy."
This is one of our fire plants. It is so amazing that the same plant produces different colors. We like them lots.

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Cassavaugh Family said...

OK so I'm laughing at myself. First of all - ugly Iris? Is that possible? But your picture of the fire plant brought back a funny memory of walking down Hall street in Concord NH with you and seeing a guy planting a bunch of them. I had never seen them before and thought they were the coolest thing. I remember stopping and asking him about it. Kind of funny.

Alisha said...

Looking good, I'm sure my girls will love looking at the new flowers in your yard.