Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Mission Reunion

Last weekend Phil, Eden, and I attended a mission reunion. It was the 20th anniversary of the formation of the New Hampshire-Manchester mission. I served 19 years ago! Amazing. There weren't too many people there but it was really fun to see those who did make it. It was really fun to catch up with people. How funny though that I was there with my newborn talking to guys who had teenagers! There really weren't any surprises. Those who were great elders seem to be great dads, husbands, church members etc. It was fun to see. None of my companions were there but I got an update on some of them. Sister Waite is also a new mother. I believe that she and her husband now live in Boise. She was supposedly going to attend but didn't make it. Sister Fletcher is a foster mother and living in Nebraska. I have kept in contact with Sister Cannon and she and her family (husband and two boys) live in Michigan. I have also kept in contact with Sister Israelsen. She and her husband are building a home in Cache Valley and have a baby (Katie) who is two months older than Eden. I believe we'll see them in the next couple of weeks. It was fun to see Kelly Moulton - we were never companions but we've stayed in contact.

Some of the elders that were at the reunion include Elder Hitchcock who now lives in Oregon (he was from MT),
Elder Magleby who lives in St. George UT, Elder Wade (and his wife) who still lives in Nashville (that is close enough that we may have to visit them), Elder Davies who is a professor at Weber State in Ogden UT, and Elder Burnett who still lives in NM.

Seriously it was so fun to see these people. Missions are great experiences!

Here are a few pictures: