Thursday, May 31, 2007

Then and Now

Yesterday was one of those yearly milestones for me. It got me thinking about how much my life has changed in the last year. I've gone from single to wife to mommy. So much has changed due to those things. Here are a few:

Then: Did three loads of laundry every other week.
Now: Do three loads of laundry every other day.

Then: Had a boss that showed little appreciation for all the long hours I put in.
Now: Have a "boss" who snuggles, coos, smiles, poops, urps, and sleeps to show her appreciation for all the long hours I put in.

Then: Had plenty of discretionary money for things like professional massages, eating out, and movies.
Now: Don't have discretionary money OR time for such frivolous things but I have a husband who gives great massages, makes dinner occasionally, and checks out old movies (my favorite kind) from the library.

Then: Had the means to travel to Europe and around the U.S.
Now: Drove to Birmingham (an hour away) without Phil yesterday to take my mom to the airport. Eden's fourth trip to the BHM airport (in her short 4-week life) because so many people want to visit her.

Then: Spent the day listening to KUER/NPR streaming on my computer while I worked.
Now: Spend the day listening to KUER/NPR streaming on my computer while I work.

Then: Worried and fretted about my future.
Now: Worry and fret about Eden's future.

Then: Lived near family and friends who supported me through the good and bad. A good, comfortable existence.
Now: Making new friends and holding on to the old as much as possible.

Then: Ate too many sweets.
Now: Eat too many sweets.

Then: Had to wash my own car, take out my own trash, do my own dishes.
Now: Phil washes the car, takes out the trash, and does the dishes.

Then: Wondered if I'd ever be a wife and mother.
Now: Can barely remember when I wasn't a wife and mother.

Then: Very blessed.
Now: Very blessed.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Eden's Big Day

On May 27 (Sunday), Eden turned one month old! She has changed so much in that little amount of time. Our lives have changed a bit too! On her one-month birthday she received a name and a blessing at church. Phil pronounced a beautiful blessing for Eden. My mom knows shorthand so she was able to record it and then type it out for us. It was brief but very wonderful. A couple of women who work with Phil came for the blessing and that was especially nice (along with having mom there of course!).

I made a white dress for Eden. As it turned out, there was exactly enough fabric left over from my wedding gown (which my mom and I made) to make a dress for Eden. It is very simple but I like it and especially like that it has sentimental value (and that it was FREE!). My grandmother sent a beautiful white afghan for the big event as well (as did my dear friend Charlotte and Phil's cousin Gail).

It was a very nice day.

Stone Mountain

I can't believe it has been ten days since I last posted. My mom has been here for the past week. That has been great! She came for what she thought would be Eden's birth (she already had her ticket). We've had lots of fun. On Friday we went to Atlanta, GA and went to Stone Mountain. It was interesting to see the Plantation buildings and the carving. Just to give you perspective, Robert E. Lee's ear is about the size of an average man. That is pretty huge!

The carving is of Robert E. Lee (in the forefront) who was the Confederate General. To the left of Lee is Jefferson Davis who was the President of the Confederate. To the right of Lee is Stonewall Jackson (the "hero" of the Confederacy).

It is fascinating to hear about the Civil War and the Confederacy from a southern perspective.

We had a nice drive to Stone Mountain and enjoyed a picnic near the Grist Mill. It was a nice day with my cute little family and my mom.

Here is a picture of my mom and Eden.

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Eden Gets Vertical

At the risk of having Child Welfare Services show up at my door, I must share what happened yesterday.

Eden and I were headed out for a walk. I put her in her carseat and then put the carseat in the stroller (which we keep in the garage - near the garage door). Then I went to the other end of the garage and pushed the button to open the garage door. When I turned around, imagine my shock, horror, guilt as I saw the garage door lifting the stroller up with it!!!! Fortunately I made it back to Eden before she and the stroller were completely flipped but she did get a little more vertical than she is used to. What had happened is that the lip on the garage door had snagged the lip over the front wheel of the jogging stroller and lifted it up which in turn began to flip the stroller. Fortunately Eden was strapped into the carseat and the carseat was secured to the stroller. She howled for about 30 seconds and then calmed down and we went on a very nice walk. Every time I went over a bump though she would whimper - I'm guessing she was having flash backs!

She continues to be such a cute and sweet little soul - for which we are grateful. Phil's theory is that a week from today (her due date) she'll transform into a more typical baby - we hope she remains the content little person she is though.

Here is another picture:

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Why is it?

So the name of this blog is "Musings and Mysteries" and yet it has become "All About Eden." To right that, this will be a non-Eden post. In fact, this will be a "Mysteries" post. The following are mysteries to me...

Why is it that a tornado warning can come on a beautiful clear day?

Why is it that I can eat ice cream anytime, anywhere and never get sick of it?

Why is it that the very people who were so complacent and willing to accept G. W./Cheney's reasons for war are also those so willing to now pull out without any sense of responsibility for the mess we've made there?

Why is it that blogging has become the new scrapbooking (ie: the newest fad) for young moms?

Why is it that so many who will fight like crazy for the right of an unborn child to live are unwilling to support social programs that will provide that child with a life. (Pro-life is absolutely my stand but I think society's responsibilities for those children go beyond birth.)

Why is it that hot cocoa tastes good to me in any season?

Why is it that Fox News has convinced so many people that it is unbiased, fair and balanced but NPR is still considered by many as part of the leftist machine?

Why is it that I still haven't found someone to cut my hair here in 'bama?

Why is it that my husband's favorite comfort food is graham crackers?

Why is it that people put the thermostat at 70 in the summer and 75 in the winter?

Why is it that people start smoking in this day and age when so much is known about the harmful impact of smoking?

Why is it that Kudzu doesn't harm the plants/trees on which it grows?

I think that is it for now...

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Putting on weight and losing weight

Eden had her two-week check up on Thursday and she is back up to her birthweight and "perfect in every way." It is so nice that she is growing. She is such a good eater (from a bottle only though - she still doesn't like it the way God intended it). She just gets chunkier and chunkier. Her little skinny legs are starting to plump up and those cheeks just get fuller and fuller. I think she is looking more like her daddy these days.

I'm doing well too. One of the benefits of feeling so awful at the end of the pregnancy is that in comparison the post pardum has been really good. I am two pounds away from my pre-pregnancy weight. I'm hoping to continue to lose as I could stand to shrink some more. It feels nice to have put away my maternity clothes and to be wearing my pre-prego jeans again.

Our biggest frustration remains the eating issue. I pump, she drinks from a bottle, she's getting good nutrition (mothers milk), dad gets to help, in some ways this is ideal! However, we sure wish that she would nurse the natural way. When we try though, she just gets so upset and frustrated and then I get frustrated and emotional. We are trying to decide whether to push it or just give in to this "solution." I don't know. Yesterday, when we gave in and warmed a bottle Phil said, "ok, you can have a bottle but this doesn't mean we're buying you a car when you are 16!" Seriously, if we give in so easily will we be total push overs as parents? Or should we just be grateful she is growing, grateful that she gets to be fed by dad and have that bonding with him, grateful that we can split the night-time feedings, grateful that she is such a cutie!

Feel free to leave a comment if you have any suggestions!

Tuesday, May 8, 2007


Here are some updated pictures of our little Eden

Eden is a wonderful baby who rarely cries (except when she is naked - she doesn't like to be naked - I guess she won't be a stripper!). She usually wakes up twice at night with a lip-smacking noise, not a cry. We feed her and she goes straight back to sleep. Not bad eh? Of course we are feeding her mothers milk through a bottle because she won't take it the natural way yet. She didn't have much of a sucking reflex when she arrived (many preemies don't) and so we started with a syringe and have graduated to the bottle. Next step is to get her to take it directly from mom! We will tackle that this weekend when dad is home to deal with the frustrated mom and baby.

By far, her most impressive talent is pooping! She produces lots of it and has a way of timing her voiding so that she makes a huge impact. Yesterday morning I was getting out of the shower and heard Phil say, "oh, mom is going to be bitter, you are just wet, mom always gets the bad ones." Then while I was blowing my hair dry I heard a screech. This screech wasn't from Eden but from her daddy. I turned off the blower and peeked around the corner to find Phil in his undergarments looking like he'd soiled himself terribly. Obviously she had done the dirty deed. The amazing thing is that she was able to squirt the yellow muck over her diaper, over the diaper changing pad and directly onto her daddy. Seriously, I bet it went a foot and a half! She has some amazing force to her movements! So what had begun with just a wet diaper ended in four soiled diapers (all before she actually got closed up and dressed) and a soiled daddy. This isn't an isolated case. She has shown this talent many times for mommy, aunt Emily, Grandma, and our friend Hollie. She is generous in sharing her talents... :)

Well, that is it for now. She's sleeping and I'm going to go take that advice no one takes but everyone gives and try to sleep while my baby sleeps.

Thursday, May 3, 2007


That last post was on April 26 at 1:40 or something. I did spend most of the day in bed - as ordered. Then instead of making dinner, we decided to go to Olive Garden. Phil's parents were in town helping us do some updating on our home and they had some gift cards and we just got an Olive Garden so off we went. We had a nice, slow meal and then went next door to Target to look at some baby stuff.

When we returned home I, somewhat begrudgingly, returned to my "down" postion as the four of us started a DVD. About 30 minutes into The Lake House, I felt a warm gush of liquid. I announced (somewhat giddily and somewhat frightened) that I thought my water had just broken. It had! One month - to the day - ahead of my due date!

A mere nineteen hours later our beautiful daughter was born. Although 4 weeks and a day early she was born a healthy 7 pounds, 1 ounce. (I'm so glad I didn't go full term - she would have been HUGE!).

So that is our exciting surprise.