Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Why is it?

So the name of this blog is "Musings and Mysteries" and yet it has become "All About Eden." To right that, this will be a non-Eden post. In fact, this will be a "Mysteries" post. The following are mysteries to me...

Why is it that a tornado warning can come on a beautiful clear day?

Why is it that I can eat ice cream anytime, anywhere and never get sick of it?

Why is it that the very people who were so complacent and willing to accept G. W./Cheney's reasons for war are also those so willing to now pull out without any sense of responsibility for the mess we've made there?

Why is it that blogging has become the new scrapbooking (ie: the newest fad) for young moms?

Why is it that so many who will fight like crazy for the right of an unborn child to live are unwilling to support social programs that will provide that child with a life. (Pro-life is absolutely my stand but I think society's responsibilities for those children go beyond birth.)

Why is it that hot cocoa tastes good to me in any season?

Why is it that Fox News has convinced so many people that it is unbiased, fair and balanced but NPR is still considered by many as part of the leftist machine?

Why is it that I still haven't found someone to cut my hair here in 'bama?

Why is it that my husband's favorite comfort food is graham crackers?

Why is it that people put the thermostat at 70 in the summer and 75 in the winter?

Why is it that people start smoking in this day and age when so much is known about the harmful impact of smoking?

Why is it that Kudzu doesn't harm the plants/trees on which it grows?

I think that is it for now...

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