Saturday, May 12, 2007

Putting on weight and losing weight

Eden had her two-week check up on Thursday and she is back up to her birthweight and "perfect in every way." It is so nice that she is growing. She is such a good eater (from a bottle only though - she still doesn't like it the way God intended it). She just gets chunkier and chunkier. Her little skinny legs are starting to plump up and those cheeks just get fuller and fuller. I think she is looking more like her daddy these days.

I'm doing well too. One of the benefits of feeling so awful at the end of the pregnancy is that in comparison the post pardum has been really good. I am two pounds away from my pre-pregnancy weight. I'm hoping to continue to lose as I could stand to shrink some more. It feels nice to have put away my maternity clothes and to be wearing my pre-prego jeans again.

Our biggest frustration remains the eating issue. I pump, she drinks from a bottle, she's getting good nutrition (mothers milk), dad gets to help, in some ways this is ideal! However, we sure wish that she would nurse the natural way. When we try though, she just gets so upset and frustrated and then I get frustrated and emotional. We are trying to decide whether to push it or just give in to this "solution." I don't know. Yesterday, when we gave in and warmed a bottle Phil said, "ok, you can have a bottle but this doesn't mean we're buying you a car when you are 16!" Seriously, if we give in so easily will we be total push overs as parents? Or should we just be grateful she is growing, grateful that she gets to be fed by dad and have that bonding with him, grateful that we can split the night-time feedings, grateful that she is such a cutie!

Feel free to leave a comment if you have any suggestions!

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Cramster said...

Hang in there. I had a few difficulties when I started nursing, too. For whatever they are worth, here are my suggestions:

1. Is she having trouble latching on? Let's just say that it takes a little time for your nipples to form into the right shape. I wasn't aware of this. Sounds funny, doesn't it? Anyway, I used a nipple shield for a week or two. Try it out if you haven't already - she may just want a bigger nipple to latch on to. Then, as you both get more comfortable, you can wean off the shield.

2. Remember that YOU ARE THE MOM. YOU get to decide what is best (well, dad gets input, too...). I remember that it took me a couple of weeks before I realized this. Nurses, doctors, advertisers, other moms... they all can give advice and make you feel like their way is the only way if you really love your child.

3. In the spirit of item 2, do what you want. Maybe "breast is best," but I say feeding your baby and having a happy mom is best. If that means pumping, pump. If that means formula, buy formula.

4. I am jealous you are nearly to your pre-prego weight. I still have about 18 pounds to go... I shouldn't have felt so entitled when it came to food... :)

Charlotte said...

E & I spent part of last night visiting with a couple of his friends. They just had a baby girl on April 16 (they are first time parents as well), and they are pumping as well, for some of the same reasons--although the driving force is that the mother has to go back to work in 2 weeks.

Anyway, I thought it was interesting--the last time I talked with anyone about pumping was at Christmas, and now here I am, having two "conversations" within two days.

No advice though--except the usual--which is that I'm sure you will do the very best thing for all concerend--whatever that turns out to be.

I'm hoping to get you an e-mail sent later on today--we'll see how the day goes.

Love you,