Thursday, May 31, 2007

Then and Now

Yesterday was one of those yearly milestones for me. It got me thinking about how much my life has changed in the last year. I've gone from single to wife to mommy. So much has changed due to those things. Here are a few:

Then: Did three loads of laundry every other week.
Now: Do three loads of laundry every other day.

Then: Had a boss that showed little appreciation for all the long hours I put in.
Now: Have a "boss" who snuggles, coos, smiles, poops, urps, and sleeps to show her appreciation for all the long hours I put in.

Then: Had plenty of discretionary money for things like professional massages, eating out, and movies.
Now: Don't have discretionary money OR time for such frivolous things but I have a husband who gives great massages, makes dinner occasionally, and checks out old movies (my favorite kind) from the library.

Then: Had the means to travel to Europe and around the U.S.
Now: Drove to Birmingham (an hour away) without Phil yesterday to take my mom to the airport. Eden's fourth trip to the BHM airport (in her short 4-week life) because so many people want to visit her.

Then: Spent the day listening to KUER/NPR streaming on my computer while I worked.
Now: Spend the day listening to KUER/NPR streaming on my computer while I work.

Then: Worried and fretted about my future.
Now: Worry and fret about Eden's future.

Then: Lived near family and friends who supported me through the good and bad. A good, comfortable existence.
Now: Making new friends and holding on to the old as much as possible.

Then: Ate too many sweets.
Now: Eat too many sweets.

Then: Had to wash my own car, take out my own trash, do my own dishes.
Now: Phil washes the car, takes out the trash, and does the dishes.

Then: Wondered if I'd ever be a wife and mother.
Now: Can barely remember when I wasn't a wife and mother.

Then: Very blessed.
Now: Very blessed.

3 response(s):

Cramster said...

This is awesome. It is funny how time changes so many things, yet so many things also stay the same. I remember as your roomate you listening to NPR!

Wendy Heaps said...

I am loving your blogs Heidi. You are quite funny and write very well. I am glad Phil included your blog address at the bottom of his e-mail about Eden's arrival.
Wendy :)

Peterology said...

These are almost exactly the thoughts of my heart. I guess we have learned to take whatever life brings and make the very best of things. I laughed extra hard at the discretionary money change. I went from being the day spa Diva to pinching pennies and looking for deals on pull-ups. My toes are unpainted and my face is un-microdermabrasioned, but I can read The Little Mouse and The Red Ripe Strawberry with my eyes closed and I can get a decent night's sleep on a twin bed with one leg on the floor. Ahh-then and now.