Saturday, May 19, 2007

Eden Gets Vertical

At the risk of having Child Welfare Services show up at my door, I must share what happened yesterday.

Eden and I were headed out for a walk. I put her in her carseat and then put the carseat in the stroller (which we keep in the garage - near the garage door). Then I went to the other end of the garage and pushed the button to open the garage door. When I turned around, imagine my shock, horror, guilt as I saw the garage door lifting the stroller up with it!!!! Fortunately I made it back to Eden before she and the stroller were completely flipped but she did get a little more vertical than she is used to. What had happened is that the lip on the garage door had snagged the lip over the front wheel of the jogging stroller and lifted it up which in turn began to flip the stroller. Fortunately Eden was strapped into the carseat and the carseat was secured to the stroller. She howled for about 30 seconds and then calmed down and we went on a very nice walk. Every time I went over a bump though she would whimper - I'm guessing she was having flash backs!

She continues to be such a cute and sweet little soul - for which we are grateful. Phil's theory is that a week from today (her due date) she'll transform into a more typical baby - we hope she remains the content little person she is though.

Here is another picture:

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