Thursday, September 13, 2007


Until now, I've been able to time my haircuts until I was in Utah and therefore have my hair cut by my hair dresser of 8 years (Debra). Until now... On Monday I got my haircut (several inches) and it is TERRIBLE! It is totally uneven and choppy. So here is the question: should I go back and have the woman who slaughtered it try to fix it (for free) or should I go back to the same salon but ask someone else to fix it (for free) or should I wait until next month (when I have $ again) and get it cut somewhere else? Naturally, my fear is that if I go back to the same lady, I'll end up with an even shorter bad haircut.

Your advice is greatly appreciated. And those of you reading this from Calhoun county, any suggestions about a good place to get my hair cut?


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Cramster said...

This is a tough one. Debra... Do you mean Debra Smith at HPP? That is who has cut my hair since 1997 and now I don't know what to do in a new area. Your experience only adds to my anxiety...

Do you feel like you got a bad haircut because of miscommunication between you and the hairdresser? Or because he/she was lacking in skills? If it was miscommunication, then I would work up courage and go back to the same person and be very blunt and firm with what you want. If it was lack of skills, have someone else do it no matter if it is free (at the same salon) or somewhere else.

I asked Debra how to find a good hairdresser before I left Logan and she said that one of the best ways was to call around and see who was booked solid - and then try and get in to them.

Layne said...

Now I'm scared, because I need my hair cut and I don't think I can drive down to my girl in American Fork anymore--it takes too long. What if I get butchered, too?

Anonymous said...

Go to the library, get a haircutting video/dvd. Stop and get Phil his favorite snack from the grocery store. When Phil gets home from work, have a nice glass of ice water, his favorite snack, and the video/dvd ready to play. After he's watched it, let him fix your hair!!! Good luck from Jennifer, whose kids will NEVER let her cut their hair. ha, ha, ha!!!