Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Landscaping Ideas - Xeriscape

I am really interested in doing landscaping that makes sense for the desert, mountain area in which I live. For lack of a better place to catalog my collection of sites and pictures, I'm re-purposing this site.
I took this picture of a yard in my area that I just love. I wish it had more color but other than that, I love the use of rocks and mulch and evergreens and grasses. My front yard will be virtually flat so I'll have to figure out how to build it up in places and create the look I want.

I really like this one. It is mature and mine won't look this filled in for a few years, but this is definitely the look I'd like to shoot for.

I really like the use of color and texture in this no-turf option here.
I really like the idea of no water/no mow lawns/grasses as found here.

A little too much desert, but I like the use  of grasses here.

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corrie said...

No water, No mow!
I love those pictures. I'm all for it.

Amanda said...

This is awesome. I love the pics. I have the same thing on my mind. The previous owners of my house just dumped a few ton of rocks in my front yard. So I have been looking for ideas as well. One resource for plants and even information on plants is

I don't know what resources are up there for you. HCG is based here in New Mexico but they will ship anywhere. Plus, their catalog is just fun eye candy to dream about for my yard. Or your yard. :)

Layne said...

Considering that your neighbors were already having their knickers in a twist about your basement apartment, that meadow grass (second one from the end) is going to cause problems for you. I love it, and could get away with it here, but I bet you'll get passive-aggressive comments. The others are also very cool, and maybe less jarring to the suburban mindset.

Jeri said...

"High Country Gardens" is a great resource for all sorts o native plants. I LOVE their catalog...