Saturday, March 31, 2007

Bama Lingo Quiz

I remember when I first moved from Oregon to Utah (about 15 years ago) and I thought Utah was a strange place with quirky people. Since that time I've realized that it doesn't matter where you go, it will be different than where you've been. Moving to Alabama has definitely proven that. One of my favorite differences is the way people speak. Not just the accents, but the vocabulary. So I've compiled a little vocab quiz for all y'all to see what you know about Bama-speak.

1. When shopping (whether at the Winn Dixie or at Lowes) you will want to grab what in order to put your goods in?
A. A Cart
B. A Buggy
C. A Basket

2, When in an elevator you may ask someone to do what to get you to the correct floor?
A. Push 5
B. Select 5
C. Mash 5

3. When at the hospital, airport, or other large structure where should you park your car?
A. The Parking Deck
B. The Parking Bin
C. The Parking Garage

4. How do you turn off your computer?
A. Cut it
B. Kill it
C. Disconnect it

5. If you provide transportation for someone, what are you doing?
A. Shuttling them
B. Moving them
C. Carrying them

6. When someone cuts you off in traffic or does some other random act of annoyance the proper response is what?
A. Return the act
B. Mash the horn
C. Bless their little heart

7. The American War that took place from 1860 to 1865 can be called what?
A. The Civil War (although there wasn't anything civil about it)
B. The War of Northern Aggression
C. The War Between the States

8. (this one isn't really about language but it is some fun trivia) Anniston, AL is home to the worlds largest what?
A. NASCAR fan base
B. Office Chair
C. Magnolia Tree

So, how do you think you did? check your answers below.

B, C, A, A, C, C, all of the above, B

Well, I think that is it for this post. I hope you enjoyed the quiz.

2 response(s):

Sherman said...

I like it............I really like it From Punkaman a non-blog type of Guy.

Charlotte said...

I got six out of eight. I missed #5 and #6.