Monday, April 2, 2007

My adorable hubby

If you are averse to sappy gloating from a woman about her man, you will likely not want to continue reading this entry.

How in the world did I get so blessed to marry such a fabulous man? Truly, he is so good to me. This pregnancy has been one of crazy emotions, aches & pains, and such. Throughout it all, he has been so wonderfully supportive. When I wake up in the night because I just can't get comfortable, he also wakes and is willing to do whatever I need him to do from getting me something to eat to adjusting the plethora of pillows used to prop my various body parts. He never complains in word or otherwise.

When I'm emotional he seems to know exactly how to react. There are times I just need him to hold me - which he does so well. Other times I need him to reassure me that all will be ok or that I will be a good mother. How does he know what I need - I don't really know, but he seems to figure it out (don't tell him, it may go to his head).

He hasn't laughed at me when I've been completely irrational. For instance, one evening he came home from work at about 9:30 p.m. to find me in the tub and sobbing. It was the day I officially entered my third trimester. Upon asking what was wrong (and showing appropriate compassion) he didn't even smirk as I blubbered out that there was no way I could be pregnant another three months - I just couldn't do it! A couple of weeks ago we flew to SLC to visit with friends and family. Part way through the flight he got up and I switched over to his seat. When he returned and sat in what had been my seat, he had to tighten the lap belt (substantially). Little did either of us know that this little reminder of my girth would cause tears to well up. Again, he didn't laugh or roll his eyes, he just comforted me.

What a good, good man! (here is a picture of him with our niece - Chelsie)

Lest anyone think he is absolutely perfect, here is one of my favorite stories about his humanity. Phil has always wanted to go to China (he served an LDS mission to Taiwan and speaks Mandarin). A couple of months ago he received an invitation to go with other professors and some students to China during the last week of May (next month). As he read the invitation he was excited and then his face dropped and he said, "obviously I can't go - I'll be teaching that week!" Fortunately (for everyone involved), this was NOT one of those times I was irrational or emotional. I have had a great time reminding him that not only is he teaching the last week of May, but he is also welcoming his firstborn to earth! He takes my teasing very well!

Have I mentioned that I adore this man?!