Saturday, April 14, 2007

Mrs. Charlotte Cantwell

Well it is 2:21a.m. on Saturday, April 14, 2007. My best friend, Charlotte, is getting married today (in approximately 12 hours). She's probably sleeping like a baby but not me! A little over a year ago things were very different for both of us. In Nov. 2005 I was at the end of a very long relationship/friendship/confused existence with my now-husband and in Feb. 2006 she ended a 3-year long relationship. We both wondered (usually with faith but sometimes with frustration) how our lives would turn out. In Feb. 2006, Phil and I decided to make a go of things again and became engaged on March 5. Just a few months later, Charlotte began hanging out with and then dating Eric (whom she is marrying today). We are both quite amazed at how different things are. It is too bad that my advanced pregnant state prevents me from being at the sealing but we both have such great joy knowing that our lives are progressing and we are both where we need to be. I was able to visit with her last month and we had some pictures taken of her in her gown and me in my belly. It was such a nice visit as we both gushed about our men-folk and shared the excitement and funnies of our current situations. It is awesome to have great friends!

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