Saturday, April 7, 2007

Crocheting 'n roaches

The night before last was a restless night of sleep (or lack thereof) for both Phil and I. Phil has pneumonia and has been receiving steroids which prevent sleep - I'm 8 months pregnant (enough said). Therefore, we found ourselves both awake at 4:am. He decided to work on the computer and I began a new afghan. As I was crocheting (in my sleep deprived state) I decided that crocheting was a good metaphor for life.

Since I was starting a new afghan, I didn't have the pattern established. I ended up taking the first row out a couple of times because of mistakes. Of course, there are all kinds of analogies to repentance and taking out incorrect stitches, but I won't belabor that point. I realized that so much success in life depends upon our establishing the proper pattern - once that is done, it gets much easier. Oh, we still may make a few mistakes along the way (as I did last night) but they are usually easier to detect and easier to remedy because they don't fit the established pattern. So, if the pattern is correct, the rest of the afghan comes together quite easily.

Now for a complete departure from the above, I just have to say that I hate roaches! Out here they are like house flies. Everyone knows they are dirty and disgusting and you do what you can to keep them out but occasionally they get in and you have to deal with them. YUCK! As the weather changes we seem to be seeing more of them. This morning there was one in my bathtub (actually it is still there because Phil hasn't dealt with him yet and I refuse to) and one on my kitchen floor. YUCK! They are both belly-up which means the poison we've put out has worked. I just want to find a way to deal with them once and for all!

Of course, there are much worse things I could be dealing with so I guess I'll count my blessings.


Incidentally (and on another totally different topic), we watched the movie "Driving Miss Daisy" last night and it was great to hear about "mashing" buttons and "carrying" Miss Daisy to Temple, etc. not to mention to see the Piggly Wiggly! I love it!!!!!!!

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Bamamoma said...

Terminix is coming Monday to destroy the roaches! Yippee!