Wednesday, June 6, 2007

I remember when...

  • Ice cream cones were 10 cents
  • television channels "signed off" for the evening (and there were only 3 of them)
  • Nixon resigned
  • Gas was 50 cents a gallon
  • kids (meaning I) could play outside all day without fear of strangers
  • terrible pollution/trash was on the sides of the roads (we've come a long way)
  • I was afraid of vampires coming into my room at night
  • there were bears all over Yellowstone
  • Love Boat was the most popular television show
  • my hair was light blond and my skin was dark brown (I lived in AZ)
  • divorce was seldom heard of
  • microwaves didn't exist
  • 8-track tapes were the "new technology"
  • seat belts weren't legislated and car seats didn't exist
  • I could sleep through the night (wait, that was just a year ago!)

(this post was done at 4:34 a.m. while Eden slept in my arms - she's had a tummy ache all night! I'm going to go try to put her in her bed and see if I can get some zzzzzzs)

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Anonymous said...

Trust me Heidi, you don't remember when microwaves didn't exist. You may remember when they were uncommon.
The first 'RadarRange' was produced in 1947, a little bit before you were born, dear.

--Golden Contact