Wednesday, June 6, 2007

To Perm or Not To Perm - that's my question

So, I'm thinking about getting a perm. My natural curl is slightly less than the first picture and I think I'd like it slightly less curly than the second picture. Weigh in people - am I crazy or do you think it is a good idea?


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Charlotte said...

I think you'd look great with hair slightly less curly than the second picture.

Personally I like the first picture best though.

Take it for what it's worth. I like your hair whatever you do though. It's such a pretty honey-ish color.

Layne said...

The second picture is way too curly--go with the first. It looks soft and natural.

By the way, you look great in that picture with Phil and Eden.

Anonymous said...

I think the in-between would look great!!

Anonymous said...

By the way, Heidi, anonymous is Jane.

Peterology said...

My mom is a hair dresser. I am hear to tell you from many sad experiences--it never looks like the picture. The look in the first picture is accomplished using a 3/4 inch curling iron I would bet money. Also, you have to be careful right after you have a baby your hormones do whacky things to your hair. It is not uncommon for new mommies to have hair loss for awhile and a perm only accelerate this. Do you have some good curl accelerator product. Biolage, Aveda, Paul Mitchell make good ones. You just put this in your hair before you blow dry and it brings out your natural curl. That might curb your craving for curls.

Bamamoma said...

Thanks for the advice. My problem is that I'm incredibly lazy and hate to do my hair. I'm looking for a drip-dry option that can also work up to a nice look on the rare occasions I actually do my hair. I'm not so much a ponytail girl, or that could be the non-do option. I thought a mild perm might be just the ticket but I don't want my hair to fall out!!! I'll look into those products.


Anonymous said...

Heidi, I love perms and have found that a flat iron does wonderful things if you decide to go straight. Wendy Heaps :)

amy greenway said...

I am one of the victims of perms not looking like they do in pictures but that is because I have stick straight hair. My hair wouldn't do a spiral curl if my life depended on it. You have natural wave thought, so it sees like you would have a greater chance for success.

I am also one of the victims of post partum hair loss. Yep. Lost a full 1/3 of my hair. It was horrid. Our secretary used to love to pick my fallen hair off of my chair and off of my clothing. The only upside was that the new and spikey growth really enhanced my halloween costume that year. My pride went out the window once I had kids... sigh.