Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Dating Diaries - First Kiss

Location: Dexter McCarty Middle School, Gresham, Oregon

Leading Lady: Heidi - shy, a little awkward, 7th grade (don't judge me for not being sweet 16)

Leading Man:
Kelly - cute, big blue eyes, curly dark blond hair, popular, 8th grade

Scene One: After choir practice in the commons area of the middle school.

Kelly approaches Heidi and boldly asks, "whodda ya like?"
Heidi shyly responds, "I dunno."
Kelly replies (dejectedly), "oh."

Scene Two: After school waiting for the bus Heidi's friends all inform her that Kelly was about to ask her to "go" but then she didn't proclaim her interest in him when asked and so abandoned his true desire and he was feeling sad. Heidi can't believe she missed her chance with the older, more popular boy.

Scene Three: That evening in Heidi's front yard. The sun has just set and the stars are just beginning to show themselves. Heidi looks up to see the first star and thinks, "star light, star bright, first star I see tonight. I wish I may, I wish I might, have the wish I wish tonight. I wish that Kelly would ask me who I like again." (this is absolutely 100% true and this is the first time I've ever told anyone about it but now you know, I wish on stars!)

Scene Four:
The next day, after choir practice in the commons area again.

Kelly once again approaches Heidi and a little more timidly inquires, "whodda ya like?"
Heidi responds with great confidence and assurance, "YOU!"
Kelly, regaining his confidence blurts out, "you wanna go?"
Heidi (not really knowing what this all means but thrilled at the prospects) proclaims, "YES!"

Scene Five:
A few days later after watching a football game Heidi and Kelly are approaching the after-school buses. She will ride one to her home and he will ride another to his. As they approach Heidi's bus (holding hands because, you know, they are "going together), Kelly grabs Heidi's shoulders, turns her around, and kisses her. Right on the lips! Right there in front of two bus loads of 7th and 8th graders! Heidi gets on the bus, sits down, and asks the girl next to her, "did he just kiss me?" and upon receiving an answer in the affirmative whispers airily, "I thought so."

Fade to black
(until a week and a half later when Heidi breaks up with Kelly and ends up "going" with Curtis the brown eyed, dark haired star of the Stake musical.)

5 response(s):

Jill said...

That was cute...You are such a heart breaker! What was his motivation for kissing you in such an untimely manor?..perhaps he saw your big blue eyes making eyes at the big brown eyed guy!...you must have a "thing" for guys on stage!

Layne said...

Hee. I sometimes wish on stars, too.

You are quite the scarlet woman with your cavalier treatment of those tender little hearts!

Charlotte said...

You Man-eater you.

Bamamoma said...

Ok, just so you all know the rest of the story, I broke up with Kelly because he sent me a note (through his friend to my friend to me) that said (and I kid you not here), "what would you do if I wanted to do more than kiss you?" And then it had four choices with boxes (no, I'm not making this up) for me to check. The choices were:
1. Let me.
2. Break up with me.
3. Not let me, but not break up with me.
4. Other.

So, I thought that was pretty ridiculous and went to him (skipping the friends) and told him that it seemed we were on different paths (well, not in those words but that was pretty much it). Then I broke up with him. Then I hid in the bathroom during lunch for the next three days.

The brown-eyed boy wasn't in my school or ward. I just knew him from the stake play. But it felt good to be "going" with an LDS boy who respected my standards. :)

Claire said...

LOVE IT!!! Good for you, sticking to your guns (and standards). And please tell me why an 8th grade boy would try to/want to "do more than kiss you"? Maybe I can keep Cecelia locked away from boys until she turns 21... hmmm.