Sunday, July 6, 2008

Eternal Perspective and Overcoming Opposition

Today I combined lessons 3:22 and 3:23. I thought these went together well. To begin the lesson I had created word strips of the following words:

  • unafraid
  • discouraged
  • testimony
  • immoral
but I had folded the paper so that only the following was visible:
  • afraid
  • courage
  • test
  • moral
I asked them if they thought these words were positive, negative, or neutral. Then I showed them the rest of the word and of course they changed their minds when they saw a wider perspective. We discussed the Lord's perspective compared to our own perspectives.
I shared with them a personal experience I had in reading James 1: 2-8 and likening those verses to myself as I was dealing with a very difficult trial in my own life.

What I've learned in my own life (and am still learning) is that when I have an eternal perspective, it is much easier to see that there are opportunities for growth in our trials. I have to remember that Heavenly Father loves me and will strengthen me in my struggles.

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