Friday, April 3, 2009

Food Friday - Cooking for World Peace*

The following was submitted by Dr. Nick** who blogs with his wife here.

So I do like to cook, and I really enjoy making my chili recipe, but if the following counts as a recipe, then I submit it, because it makes me happy, and I only get it a couple of times a year.

Take 1 large bowl.
Add Peanut Butter Captain Crunch
Add milk and spoon,
The world is righted.

*thank you Charlotte for the title for this series.

**Dr. Nick is a fabulous man. I had the privilege of "teaching" him the gospel while I was a missionary. The fact is, he didn't really need a teacher. He went from self-proclaimed atheist to lover of The Book of Mormon and His Savior in two weeks. It was an awesome experience to watch. He is an esteemed doctor of psychology and all around fun guy who is going to come visit me some day so that he can go to the Talladaga Speedway (Nascar).

3 response(s):

amy greenway said...

Oh crap! I'm fresh outta PB Captain Crunch so I can't try out your recipe tonight like I usually do. heh, heh.

Cassavaugh Family said...

You are so cool. :) Its nice to see someone else write that my husband is a fabulous man. It is tradition that he get his very own box at least two times a year, Birthday and Anniversary. Since the 18th anniversary just passed and PB Crunch has been on a really good sale we were well stocked.

Kathy said...

I definitely agree with this recipe, although it does remind me of a time that Phil's mom made me promise not to live on Captain Crunch at college because of a science experiment one of his brother's where a mouse fed on Captain Crunch died! (is that a great run-on sentence or what?)