Wednesday, April 15, 2009

No shrinking violet here

On Monday we (Eden and I - Phil had to work) took my nephews to Atlanta. We all went to the world's largest aquarium and loved it (again). Then while the boys went to the Coke Museum, Eden and I explored Olympic Park. We loved it. There are some awesome play things.

Eden's favorite was a slide that was made out of a bunch of rolling drums (think assembly line). She would climb all the steps and then wait patiently for her turn. There were some older kids (mostly boys) who would run up the side of the "slide" and then stand at the top and "spin their wheels" - running in place for countless minutes. I wondered how Eden would handle this. I was a little concerned that she'd try to just go (she isn't big on patience you know).

I was delighted to see that she waited quietly for a minute or two and then she would politely but firmly say, "hey guys, it's my turn." Time after time this scenario played itself out. So cute!

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Soren and Kilee Nickels said...

This is especially fun to read about since I have actually been there. :) Glad you guys had fun and you have such a brave little girl. We are excited to see you all this summer. Have fun with Grandma and Grandpa!

Amy said... time you come to Atlanta, let me know and I'll meet you for lunch or whatever! :-)

Bamamoma said...

Amy, that is a great idea! Email me your phone number. It would be so fun to see you and get caught up on the last twenty years! Wow, that makes us seem really old, doesn't it?