Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Unexpectedly Tagged

I've been tagged by Charlotte. I am to write about 8 unexpected things. I'm choosing to write about 8 unexpected things since I moved to Alabama a year ago.

1 - I didn't expect to be pregnant so soon (two months) after I got married and that it would be so emotional for me.

2 - I didn't expect that my husband would have medical problems and end up having three surgeries last fall.

3 - I didn't expect to love the songbirds who make Alabama their home.

4 - I didn't expect flowers to bloom in January.
(this is a photo taken in our back yard last January)

5 - I didn't expect to miss my best friend's wedding (because I was 8 months pregnant).

6 - I didn't expect that Alabama would celebrate Confederate's Memorial Day.

7 - I didn't expect to make it through labor and delivery so well (and that Eden would come four weeks early).

8 - I didn't expect that my husband would have more medical problems and have another surgery this fall.

I'm not going to officially "tag" anyone but feel free to include your own unexpected things in either a blog or a comment on this blog.

I just have to shout out a wonderful thing! IT IS RAINING! (It hasn't done that for quite some time here.)

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