Saturday, December 1, 2007

A Holiday Mood

Some of my favorite Christmas decorations:

The first time that I put these antlers on Eden she was like a puppy chasing her own tail. She would turn her head to try to see where the bells were coming from and that would make them jingle all the more which would in turn make her twist around to find the source of the jingle. It was pretty dang cute and funny and I'm sad that I didn't capture it on tape because she doesn't do it anymore. This is her stocking.

This is Eden showing off her new sitting skill...

...and snuggling up to the giant snowman Phil gave me several years ago. His name is, appropriately, Phil the Snowman.

This is our Christmas tree. Since we won't be here even a full week in December this will just have to do. It has lights and everything though!

This is one of my many snowmen:

This is our fireplace with one of my nativities and our stocking - hung with care (actually they are stapled to the mantel).

3 response(s):

Alisha said...

We sure are going to miss seeing the Kesler's while you all are in Utah. I'm sure Eden will be walking by the time you all get back...just kidding, for your sake I hope she likes sitting for a very long time! We are excited about Phil's results...we will continue to pray for good news!

Charlotte said...

One of the things that I LOVE about you is how enthusiastically you celebrate. From the way you go all out for birthdays, to the fact that you decorate your house for the one December week that you are in it--I just love that you make the effort.


(I've been missing the Heidi decorations this year--it was nice to get a little glimpse of them again)

amy greenway said...

I'm so impressed! We're leaving a few days before Christmas and I'm not decorating. What a Christmas wimp I am. Have a great time in beautiful Utah. sniff, sniff. :(