Monday, December 10, 2007

On the road with Voice Male

This last weekend Voice Male had a whirlwind tour. Phil, Eden, and I flew in on Thursday and then VM performed in Lehi for a bunch of doctors. Then we got up Friday and drove to Roosevelt where VM performed for a bunch of oil men (and women). Then we spent a miserable night at a motel and got up to drive through a snow storm to Vernal where VM performed for anyone willing to pay money to hear them. Then back through a snowstorm with a small GPS snafu and a performance for a bunch of bankers in Farmington. Sunday Phil flew home to AL and Eden and I drove to stay with my parents for a few days (they live in Smithfield, UT). It was a busy, crazy weekend. We all ended up exhausted.

While in Vernal we had a couple of mishaps. First, Eden was restless during the concert so I let her sit in the aisle. Phil began to sing "I'll be Home for Christmas" and she got all excited and lunged forward causing her to biff it pretty hard. She then began to scream, loudly. Phil didn't see her bonk and thought she was screaming because of his singing. Eden and I spent the rest of the concert outside of the auditorium. She ended up dropping both of her pacifiers on the menky floor. This leads to the second mishap. I gave Eden to Phil to hold while he signed CDs and I went into the restroom to clean the pacifiers. I'm standing at the sink, minding my own business when in walked a man! He looked embarrassed until I turned around and in doing so noticed a whole row of urinals (not something I'm accustomed to seeing in the ladies room). What is a mom to do but tell the man that I'm almost done washing the binkies and then he can have his men's room back. Oh well...

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Liz&Meg said...

just a few weeks ago, i went in the the boy's room at a Sonic because the ladies' room was disgusting!

amy greenway said...

Ha! Unfortunately I have a short list of occasions when this has happened. The most memorable was when I was a sophomore in H.S. I was looking for a drinking fountain at a spa and misunderstood the directions I was given. I looked around and didn't see a drinking fountain and in walked a really cute guy who was a senior at my school. Instead of laughing or apologizing like a normal person, I stood there and acted like I was doing my hair like nothing was amiss. Yes, I was far too cool to laugh at myself (I've made up for it now by laughing at myself almost constantly).

I hoped I would never see him again because he would be leaving on his mission soon. No luck, we were in the same student ward for years. I'm such a total geek. :)

Alisha said...

Hilarious...I mean the bathroom story. Aren't concerts with an 8 month old much more exciting? I feel your pain! Hope you all have an enjoyable vacation and that the upcoming weeks are a little less hectic!