Thursday, January 3, 2008

Moving on...

Well, it is about time I post another entry, wouldn't you think?

Our time in Utah was both wonderful and wonderfully exhausting. I went to see a chiropractor here because I had a pinched nerve in my back and after the examination and X-rays he said, "have you been sleeping in an unfamiliar bed lately?" Upon calculation, I realized that in the three weeks we were in Utah I slept in 5 unfamiliar beds and some of them back and forth multiple times. It went something like this: Keslers, Hotel in Roosevelt, Keslers, Becks, Keslers, Oars, Keslers, Wildes, Keslers. Crazy!!!! Needless to say, we are glad to be home and in our own beds. No one seems more happy to be home than Eden though. She is grateful to be in her own bed and not to be sleeping in the port-a-crib anymore (those can't be comfortable!). Tomorrow will be my third visit with the chiropractor and I think I'm about fixed.

We did have a great time though. Christmas was fun and Eden especially loved the lights. Grandpa and Grandma Kesler endeared themselves to her with lots of time in front of the Christmas tree. Eden thoroughly enjoyed being around other kids - her cousins. Now whenever we are out and about and she sees kids she just get so excited. She loves people! Yesterday she had a "play date" at the Dewsnups. When I dropped her off she went right to Corrie and they walked into the other room without even a look back. It is nice to have her so content with other people who love her.

Speaking of her play date, it was awesome because Phil and I got to have a date while she was at the Dewsnups. I realized that it was our first date since our anniversary (six months ago) that didn't involve doctors, the temple, or Voice Male. Now the temple is wonderful, but you don't exactly get to be cozy and Voice Male is great but it has a similar problem: with Phil on stage it doesn't really feel too romantic. Doctors just don't count AT ALL! It was so fun to go to a movie and hold hands and know that Eden was happy. We saw the new National Treasure. (take the poll to show when you last saw a movie in the theatre) Fun (completely unrealistic, but fun). Another really nice thing about this date is that a friend sent us some money (very generously) in her Christmas card and so we used some of that to provide a "free" date. It was truly wonderful! (Thanks, D!)

Classes start up at JSU next Thursday so we have a bit more time to get back into the swing of things. Sleep is high on our list of things to catch up on. Last night the YW had a sleep-over here. It was great fun and they were very good and respectful (especially with Eden sleeping) but we still feel a little sleep deprived. Perhaps we'll get to bed early tonight. Bed... our own bed... sounds nice.

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Cramster said...

I am so jealous of your playdates. I am still trying to find some people around here to do that with. Most of my dates lately have consisted of being at home after John is in bed!