Tuesday, January 8, 2008

What's in a name?

A year ago when we found out we were expecting a little girl, the difficult task of selecting a name began. We wanted something that was fitting (whatever that means), works well with "Kesler" and a name that while not being weird was unusual enough that there wouldn't be five of them in her first grade class. We looked over name books and name websites and the social security administration website. Finally we quit worrying about it and decided to just see what happened.

Eden Marie Kesler is what happened and it just seems like the perfect name for our little sweetie. I doubt she'll have much problem with mistaken identity but it isn't a crazy hybrid of her parents' names (Heidillip* just doesn't work anyway).

Speaking of mistaken identities, a funny email came across the Voice Male email traffic yesterday. A guy was asking about a certain song and wondering if the group had some new members. Well, I googled the song he was speaking of and found this. The comments are the best part. They contain a discussion about whether or not the singers are the "Mormon Voice Male" or not. It just made me laugh to read it. Apparently, this guy who was emailing the "Mormon Voice Male" about how awesome they are has fallen in love with a song sung by the "Belgium Voice Male" ... the "other" Voice Male.

My favorite story of mistaken identity is when my friend Jen was dating her husband Regan. She was actually also dating another guy and his name was Regan too (crazy, I know). Well, when your name is Regan you don't think you need to give a last name for clarification (the way a Jen would). She would get flowers delivered from "Regan" (card written by the florist) and have to sleuth to find out which one to thank. Her life became much more simple when she settled on one Regan.

Eden is a nice name, don't you think?

*Phidi, Phileidi, Heil, Pheidillip, really there are no good hybrids....

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Kathy said...

I was telling Phil that I love your blog. I have enjoyed getting to know you through your fantastic writing.

Anyway, Eden is a beautiful name for a beautiful girl, and what's even better is that it fits and will wear well as she grows older. I knew my Jonathan would be Jonathan from about the 9th grade, despite my husband's multiple other suggestions throughout our pregnancy. Alix Elisabeth was a bit more difficult. We, too, wanted something different but not weird. At first my mother was upset that we gave our girlie such a "masculine" name, but since it fits so well ("a unique name for a unique girl") mom has since forgiven us.

Bamamoma said...

Thanks Kathy, it is fun getting to know you a bit too. We appreciate your friendship and that you go to the effort to keep in touch!

Sandy said...

Hi, Heidi. I have been a lurker on your blog for too long now, and the time has come to finally speak up:

What will it take to get the Mormon Voice Male guys to make a video while wearing hospital gowns? How much longer will their fans have to wait?


I love reading about you and your family since you sent me your blog address... What adventures you take on!

Thanks for sharing.
-Laura G. from USU Ass. Registrar's office :)