Monday, January 14, 2008

Our Weekend is Over

Most people look forward to their weekends ... not the Keslers. We are grateful when Monday comes. I guess that is really true of every-other-weekend. This was one of THOSE weekends, the ones we are glad to see go, the "chemo weekends".

Thursday night Miss Eden was up sporadically throughout most of the night. She had a cold and she would wake herself up coughing and sneezing. Poor girl. She is usually a champ of a sleeper so we are unaccustomed to waking up many times through the night.

Friday Phil had to wake up early and drive to B'ham for a treatment. I'm grateful that he is now able to drive himself as it makes things much easier to not have to find Eden-care. He got there in time for his lab appointment and proceeded to wait for over an hour before he could actually get stuck. Then he had to wait for infusion. Fortunately, there weren't any chairs and so he had to be in a bed (usually reserved for the really sick) so he got to do a little sleeping while he was systematically poisoned. (This stuff is good for him, right?) Eden was sickly throughout the day but in really good spirits - considering. I was quite thrilled to find out about the Old Navy sale. I got some great buys! Thanks for the tip Andy! Friday night I put the humidifier in Eden's room and put a pillow under her mattress so she was propped up and she had a very good night of sleep (in spite of her cold). Phil, on the other hand, did not have a good night's sleep (therefore, neither did I). The drugs make him restless.

Saturday was our YM/YW joint activity and Personal Progress Interviews. Eden went with me for a long day of church stuff and she did quite well. The interviews went well - we have some great youth! They seem to have had a great time at "Beyond Imagination!" (I love that name, I always have to say as if I'm a radio announcer) doing laser tag and paint ball. Saturday night, Eden started off sleeping well but then she woke up around 1:30 and just couldn't settle down. I think her tummy was hurting but it might have been her cold or who knows.

Sunday morning I made the decision to stay home with my two sickies. I was exhausted and so were they. I just couldn't bring myself to wake Eden up after her rough night so I let her sleep in and we missed church. Phil wouldn't have been able to go anyway and I was going to need to leave YWs early in order to come home and disconnect Phil's IV. So we stayed home. I thought Eden would take a nice long nap in the afternoon. I put her down and went to bed too. Alas, our neighbors are having some work done on their house and the workers were there pounding and pulling off their metal siding (not a pleasant sound). I couldn't sleep and Eden only lasted about 20 minutes. Isn't this the Bible belt? I thought people actually honored the sabbath here! What were they doing working on Sunday afternoon???

You might think that Eden would have slept like a rock last night but you'd be only partially right. She slept until 4:00 and then she was up. At 5:30 we gave up trying to get her back to sleep and I got up with her and started our day. She is sleeping well now though. I love good naps - hers and mine. Maybe I should go join her.

Phil is back to work today and seems to be doing ok. He still doesn't have much appetite or energy but it is always good to get the IV out and be in the process of getting the poison out instead of in. I can't imagine... yuck!

Glad that weekend is over...

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Alisha said...

You really are a trooper. Hope this week has been a little better than your weekend! If you ever need me to watch Eden, we would love having her around!

Bamamoma said...

Thanks, Alisha, we'll definitely take you up on that. We still want to do a playtime with you too.