Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Happy Birthday Corrie

Today is Corrie's birthday. Here are 7 things about Corrie that you should know:

1 - She has awesome eyes and a great smile.

2 - She is an imaginative mom who inspires creativity in her kids.

3 - She is a diligent disciple of Christ. She serves as our Primary president and works hard for those kids!

4 - She LOVES, LOVES, LOVES chocolate. (you know that creates a bond for us!)

5 - She is kind. When she thinks of something kind to do for someone, she just does it, quickly. She doesn't make it complicated.

6 - She is from Canada/Colorado but is making Alabama her home. She moved here about 6 months after I did and we "bonded" at our first Visiting Teaching conference - she got lost driving to the church and I could totally relate because I got lost driving to the church for YWs the first time.

7 - She is a devoted and compassionate friend. When Phil started chemo and was so very sick, she cried with me - not sobs, just tears of compassion and empathy. I will forever remember and appreciate that.

Happy Birthday Corrie!

3 response(s):

micki said...

I stumbled on your blog while looking for a quote by Pres. Hinkley. Imagine my surprise to find another LDS, Oregonian transplant in Alabama! We've been in here since '04.

Bamamoma said...

Where in AL do you live and where in OR did you live? email me at Cool to hear from you.

Alisha said...

Love the post aboue Corrie! She is a great person and a great friend. You can be sure that after talking with her you will leave with a smile!