Saturday, January 26, 2008

The Gratitude Journal

In our front room on a small table resides a book. It is there for all to read and even write in if they choose (although no non-Kesler has so chosen yet). The things written in the book are not in an organized or chronological order. Sometimes they are written at an angle, sometimes vertically; sometimes in red, sometimes in black (I don't think we have any other colors yet). Usually the entries aren't long or thoughty. Often they are just a word or two. It is our Gratitude Journal.

Here are some randomly selected entries:

"Cool, cotton sheets" - phil 10/12/07

"Honesty" - hjk 1/15/08

"My wife will hold my hand in good and hard times" - 1/17/07 (we can safely assume this is phil although it wasn't signed)

"SNOW in AL!" - heidi 1/16/08

"a perfect baby-Eden" - phil 11/12/07
"a perfect baby" - hjk 11/12/07 (this was the date of her 6 month check up and the doctor said, in his Antonio Bandera-voice, "oh, mommy, she is perrrfect")

"Eden's hugs" - hjk 11/8/07

"The Spirit of inspiration and personal revelation" - Heidi Jo 11/10/07

"Zofran that dissolves on your tongue" - phil 10/19/07
"Amen to that!" -hjk 10/21/07

"Post chemo Sunday pizza" - pak 10/4/07

"NPR" - hjk 9/27/07

"a good roof in the rain" - phil 11/14/07

Well, I think that will be it for now. What would you add to our little book?

3 response(s):

Layne said...

a gas fireplace; pot roast; repentance

Charlotte said...

The Cobblestone Building Kitchen!

Michelle said...

President Hinckley