Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Eden Update

More Eden pictures because she is just so dang cute!

After her bath:

Her impression of Elder Holland:

Eating a chewy, gooey teething stick:

3 response(s):

Cramster said...

Oh my. SERIOUSLY - TOO CUTE. I want to eat her up! And such blue eyes!

I guess that is all I will comment. Eventually I hope we cross paths again and our kids can play together! I'm not against an arranged marriage...

Bamamoma said...

I think it would be immoral to NOT arrange a marriage between these two - can you imagine how cute our grandkids would be? ha ha

Alisha said...

As cute as those pictures are, Eden is even cuter in person! Those big blue eyes are killer! Kendal has told everyone she talked to today that she would be babysitting tomorrow!