Friday, November 30, 2007

Eden - the Super Baby

Last night Eden sat up in the bath (all by herself). She wasn't happy when I made her lay down so that I could wash her. She actually enjoys tummy time these days and will scoot around in order to get out of the sun or to grab a favorite toy. Her favorite toys include Bun-ear (a bear in a bunny suit) and Lambee, Natalie (the lion that laughs just like her cousin Natalie), and books. Oh she also has a favorite rattle.

Edie has become much more attached to her parents which is both gratifying and difficult. Yesterday when we left at 6:am she was screaming so loudly that we could hear her in the garage. According to the sitter she soon settled. We are so grateful for the "grandmas" in the branch who have volunteered to love her while we go to B'ham for treatments and doctor appointments.

Eden is now a great eater. She LOVES fruit and sweet potatoes. She HATES green peas (just like her mom). When she eats peas she shutters and spews. It is pretty funny. She also eats crackers and Gerber puffs.

Eden enjoys going out for her walks - even in the cold. We've actually had some freezing temperatures (in the middle of the night).

4 response(s):

Layne said...

Those Gerber puffs are awesome.

Cramster said...

Way cute pics.

Sounds like she is doing GREAT. John doesn't much care for peas either - he sometimes acts like he is gagging when I feed them to him. Kind of funny.

Crazy that she is scooting around! John has yet to get mobile like that. Part of me is too eager for him to get moving. But then the real me is kind of happy that i don't have to childproof my apt yet.

When are you headed to Utah for the holidays?

Charlotte said...

Last night, as I was drifting off to sleep, I thought to myself, "Man, I wish Heidi would post some more Eden pictures. I wonder if she's changed much in the last couple of weeks."

How did you read my mind all the way from Alabama?

Bamamoma said...

Mind reading is my gift...

Amanda, I know what you mean about wanting progress but relieved to not be chasing the kid quite yet. She doesn't scoot too much. We head to UT next week then Phil will come back to 'bama for finals and then back out to UT for more VM. So fun.