Monday, November 19, 2007

Chemo 4

Well, it was another chemo weekend. Phil seems to do better with each one. I just hope the poison is doing its job.

Good things about chemo weekends:

  1. I don't have to cook because Phil doesn't feel like eating much more than soda crackers and sports drinks after Friday and the RS brings dinner on Thursday night.
  2. Since I don't cook, I don't eat much so I usually lose a pound or two (and so far have kept it off).
  3. We can stop at Sam's Club on the way home from infusion in B'ham.
  4. We get to watch movies and not feel guilty about it. We have one more Lord of the Rings to go.
  5. Phil is home all weekend. Eden especially enjoys having him around. They are quite the pals. This weekend I was holding her and he left the room, as she watched him walk out she began to cry and continued until he came back into the room a minute or two later. What am I, chump change? I know, moms are boring because we're always around - dads are "special."
  6. I get to fulfill that life-long dream of being a nurse when I disconnect the pump and pull out the needle (ok, that is a total lie - never wanted to be a nurse).
  7. I get to see the cute UPS man when he comes to pick up the pump (ok, another lie, he isn't cute).
Since I've resorted to lying on those last two, I guess I'll stop for now except to say that we really are blessed (and in much more important ways than these silly ones).

My brother got us tickets to fly to his house for Thanksgiving so we will be headed there. We are looking forward to getting away from it all and enjoying time with family. It will be nice for Phil to receive a blessing from my brothers (there are two of them who live there). Happy grateful day to everyone!

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Layne said...

That's why Thanksgiving is John's favorite holiday--it's about gratitude.

Charlotte said...

How weird is it that you mention Lord of the Rings on the same day that I mention living near "the Shire"?

Hmmmm. . .

Oh-and what's up with not having SUU on your poll? Thunderbirds rule!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Anonymous said...

Hey, Heidi!! Eden is so cute, and you guys are so blessed. I'm so sorry to hear about Phil's cancer journey. I went through something similar last year, so I can kind of imagine what you're going through. Nothing really tasted good while I was on chemo and I didn't feel good for a couple of days after each treatment. What did help me was the celebration of each milestone I crossed, like halfway thru chemo party, and things like that. My hair started growing back about two weeks before my last chemo. That was exciting for me.
Tis the season to be grateful..
I'm sure you are both doing just fine, but if you want to talk, you can email me at
Barbara Seay (from the Adam's Park ward)