Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Today's Trip to Target

Eden and I went to Target today and had quite the time. I was buying a few things, among them a rubbermaid storage container. I also had to pick up more Zantac for my acidy reflux baby. Well, I went to get the prescription and my helpful pharmacy assistant, Drew, kindly offers to ring up all my items. Thrilled, I put up the two PJs for Eden, the toy ball for Eden, the sweater for... yup, you guessed it ... Eden. He rings it all up and puts it in the rubbermaid thing (which, incidentally is for all the clothes Eden has outgrown so it is really for Eden too). Then off I go. I put Eden in the car and then hoist the storage container into the car and pick up the lid (which was under everything and since it isn't a separate item than the container it didn't get scanned). Lo and behold! under the lid are two more items! I totally shoplifted.

So, back into the store we go: me, Eden, and the shoplifted items (a muffin tin for me and batteries for Phil - actually the batteries are for the smoke detector in you-know-whose room - yup, Eden). We get in line behind a man who is buying one item. One very personal item with a name that might lead someone to think it came from Troy. Anyway, there he is buying his one, intimate, item and his debit card won't go through. He is getting all flustered. In the meantime Eden is running out of patience - this is the second time we have checked out you know. I'm trying to entertain her while the man is going through all the credit cards in his wallet (he really needed those things - he must really not want another kid). Finally the computer crashes and the clerk has to close her check out. I then go to the one next to it.

Eden is really impatient now and so I start to play with her saying, "I'm gonna get you, I'm gonna get you!" and tweaking her nose. At this point the woman in front of me who is checking out turns around in a panic and admits that she thought I was talking to her: "I'm gonna get you!" I said, "oh, that would be kind of creepy huh?" She dryly said, "yes, it would."

And that was today's trip to Target.

3 response(s):

Alisha said...

You all make trips to Target even sound interesting...I am glad you can make light in frustrating situations.

Charlotte said...

Oh, how I wish we had a Target here, so I could have such thrilling adventures.


Glad you didn't have to do time for your shoplifting spree.

Layne said...

Oh, man, the times I have almost shoplifted. I usually end up with something stashed under the car seat, trying to keep it out of reach of the toddler and child in the basket. I never go back in to buy it, though. Usually I run it inside and leave it on a shelf (MISFILE!), and once I just handed it to a cart-returning employee and sighed that I couldn't bring myself to go back in.