Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Keslers this week

Sunday was our primary program. It was great. The kids did a great job speaking their parts and singing their songs. There were a couple of duets that were just amazing. I love seeing little ones realize they have talents. It was just fun to see these little girls singing out and then to watch them as they accepted the praise of various adults. So fun. I got to sit on the stand because Corrie (my friend and our primary president) asked me to sing the two middle verses of I Know that My Redeemer Lives. I thought for sure that Phil would have greater appreciation for me as he wrestled with Eden single-handedly (well he has two hands, but you know what I mean). Not so, she slept during most of it. She was absolutely an angel through all three meetings. She even sat on our friend Jeff's lap while Phil played the keyboard for the EQ song. Yippee!

Sunday night was our Standard's Night. It was at Jeff and Alisha's house and the Spirit was strong so it was a great setting. Jeff took the kids downstairs and I stayed upstairs with the parents. It sounds like the youth had a fun and meaningful experience. The parents and I discussed the standards and specifically ways in which leaders (keeping in mind that parents are the most critical leaders) can teach them. The whole thing went really well. It is just one experience and it takes many experiences to build a sure foundation but hey, it is a start!

Monday Eden had her 6 month check up. My baby is tall! She is 27 inches which puts her in the 90th percentile for her age. She is 16 lb 10 oz which is in the 50th for weight. She hates the doctor because he is very thorough and squeezes and pinches to make sure her muscles and internal organs are all good. I appreciate his thoroughness. She was so mad and just screamed. She got her shots too. She was pretty sick yesterday with a high temperature. Nonetheless, she was pretty good natured all day. Today, however, she doesn't have a temperature, just the temper! Wow, she has been mad at me today. I think she was too sick to show me how mad she was yesterday so today she is letting me know that she feels betrayed and that I better not ever take her to the doctor again - EVER!

Seriously, she must be related to Phil's wife because she hasn't eaten well or slept well due to not feeling well. This in turn has created an emotional wreck of a female.

We are excited to be headed to upstate NY (Corning) for Thanksgiving. It will be great to see three of my brothers and their families. Only three weeks, and we'll be headed to Utah for VM shows and Christmas. Yippee! We are grateful that Phil will get to take a break from Chemo for three weeks while we are in Utah. He has a CT scan on Nov. 29 to see how things are going. We are praying for good, accurate, news.

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Cramster said...

You guys are BUSY. I was hoping that you would get to come to AZ for some of the VM concerts, too. Oh well.

John has been sitting on his own for about a month. He started by just sitting on laps without support. Eventually I decided I should encourage it by sitting him on the floor when we hang out, instead of lay him on the floor. Now he sits on his own until he gets bored with it, up to an hour at a time. I am hoping that by Christmas he will be crawling, but honestly I've learned that no matter what I want, he does what he wants!