Friday, November 30, 2007

Whoopin it Up

Yesterday Phil had a CT scan. It indicated that there is no new growth which is such good news. In fact, the oncologist said that since the two spots (one in his right lung and one in his adrenal gland) that they are watching haven't changed it likely means they aren't cancerous. If they were cancerous and the chemo was working they would have gotten smaller (they are already very small - 5 mm) and if they were cancerous and the chemo was not working they would have gotten larger. So, this is good news. Both spots are in places that are difficult to biopsy (they'd have to open him up and that isn't worth it). It would appear that the large mass that was removed from his lung along with the one spot that was removed (and biopsied) was the real concern. The blood test also showed that his CEA dropped 60 points in the last month. That is also good.

Phil will continue with the chemotherapy through March and we realize that this is just one set of results and things could change with the next ones. For now, though, we are going to count our blessings and whoop it up! (Well, I'm going to whoop it up, Phil is going to try to hunker down and endure another chemo weekend.)

We so appreciate everyone's prayers and faith and continue to request them. Thanks!

2 response(s):

Cramster said...

Wow. Such a blessing. I am seriously overjoyed for you. I hope the good news just keeps comin'!

Michelle said...

Yeah! it is always good to hear good news. Eden is just a cutie!