Saturday, December 13, 2008

Food Friday

Ok, this isn't a recipe, it is a wonderful tip instead. In Utah, there is a restaurant (popular for their catering and wedding luncheons) named "The Lion House." They have some of the best recipes and are especially famous for their rolls and breads. Well, if you do a google search with "Lion House Recipe" you will find a treasure trove of great stuff. So, while the Food Friday Czar is on holiday, get your recipe fix from The Lion House, you won't regret it.

And what did I do on Friday (instead of Food Friday)?

Well, I dipped all kinds of yummy chocolates with my mom, aunt Deani, brother Josh, and sister Heather. Such a fun family tradition! Then I went to the Ogden Voice Male concert. It was good. The audience gave them two standing ovations. Fun times.

Now it is snowing ... yippee!!!

3 response(s):

the Scism's said...

So you have snow...can you say it's 12 degrees where you are?? I can!! Yes, we landed in Chicago yesterday to 12* weather!! YEA! I had so many layers on by last night that I lost count.
What a great tradition you got going with your family..the chocolates, yum. Hope you have a great time and look forward to catching up when we all get back.

Lisa said...

I have been there for a wedding luncheon. That was so delicious. yummy.

Alisha said...

We are missing you all! Hope you all are enjoying the snow!