Thursday, December 4, 2008

Hats, Hats, Hats

Today at the chemo clinic a lady was going around to all the chemo patients and giving them hats (I think hers were knitted). I says to myself, "self, why didn't you thinks of that?" So, act fast, next year's Christmas Lottery just might end up in the chemo clinic.

Congrats to those who have won so far. I think there are just a couple left.

Oh, and Phil got a nice light blue hat (even though he hasn't lost his hair ... yet?).

2 response(s):

the Scism's said...

Great HATS!! I love the one that Corrie won, very cute. You are so talented.
I love the idea to bring them to the clinic...they would be greatly appreciated I am sure!!

Anonymous said...

I know that people makes hats for the babies in the nicu as well. If you want to make baby hats. Let Phil know that Analyn Beus and her husband are adopting twins... they are in the nicu at Primary Childrens right now. Hope all is well. I ran into Claudia at the Mall yesterday, I was there for the VM concert, not knowing the Phil would not be there, and Claudia was there shopping. All my love to you both, I hope to see you on your trip to Utah.
Wendy :)