Thursday, May 21, 2009

Could you answer my slone please?


What is a slone?

That is a question I've had for the past few days as Eden has been calling our phones - slones. What is up? She has been saying phone for months and all of a sudden she is calling it a slone?

I panic.

What if she is having some weird degenerative hearing loss and she is losing language skill instead of gaining it? What if she has some neurological disorder that is making her lose vocabulary instead of build it? What is going on?

I chill. I wait. I observe.

Then this morning the light goes on in my head as Eden is doing a quick inventory of the items in her purse: "make up, suh-l-fone, muh-ny."

Wait! That's it! Then I realize that when she was in the clerk's office at church last night she wanted to use the "phone" she said it correctly. It is a land line. She knows how to say phone. This slone business is her way of saying "cell phone."

Brilliant (not me, it took four days for me to figure it out) Eden!

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Charlotte said...

Eric's comment (after I read this to him) "Ya know, she's going to be a pretty smart girl."

My main thought on this is that I am totally going to call you the next time I'm trying to chill instead of panic. Runaway imaginations unite!

michellejohnnie said...

Cadence started to stutter for a few days and I started freaking out. Then she stopped. Eden is too smart!

amy greenway said...

Eli says celephone, like telephone with a "c". Nate starts to correct it and I correct him. As long as we're not encouraging speech issues, I'm fine with the funny words they come up with. Very cute!

While we're on funny words, I have a note of apology that I wrote to my mom when I was about 6. My bunny had peed on the carpet. BAD bunny! It said "sorry about the axident the smorning." I thought smorning was a word for quite a few years.

lynl514 said...

I think it's perfectly acceptable to make up your own words!!