Saturday, May 2, 2009

Dumpster Diving

Today Eden and I pulled into the garage after a trip to Winn Dixie. I took one load in and was on my way for a second load when I realized Eden had been detoured. She was standing at our trash can we keep in the garage - kind of a pit stop on the way to the big dumpster.

What was she doing at the trash can?

Why, she was sticking her fingers in the tossed out ice cream carton. I mean really, who could resist even the remnants of Rocky Road?

A cute story perhaps, but it is showing a bit of a trend with her.

A few weeks ago when we went to the Aquarium with my nephews we were passing through the food court to get to the family bathroom (so cleverly positioned past the fries and hamburgers and soda). Well I couldn't get Eden to keep moving (because, of course, she had to walk by herself!). I then realized that she was watching a man throw away an entire basket of fries. Once they were deposited into the trash Eden went in for the kill. I barely stopped her from nabbing one of the fries.

The best part of this whole story was when we got home and I had the following conversation with Phil:

Me: We saw the ultimate in white trash hickdom today.

Phil: Really?

Me: Yeah, we totally watched someone as they watched someone else throw out a basket of fries and then...

Phil: Na-uh!?

Me: Yes, the person totally put their hand in the trash to go after the fries.

Phil: No way!

Me: True story. And the best part is that it was your daughter!

He was relieved to hear that I stopped her before the deed was done.

I love my little 'bama baby!

4 response(s):

Natalie-John+2 said...

WOW!! I just laughed out loud. I can't believe's kind of young for that sort of behavior..are you feeding that girl?? :)

richvm said...

Hey, Richard has found some pretty great things in the dumpster before! You'll have to have him tell you the story sometime, but just like good fries, its hard to see nice stuff go to waste.

Claire said...

That is funny!!! I love the way you told Phil. Fantastic!

michellejohnnie said...

She is just preparing for days when she is a starving college student!