Thursday, February 21, 2008

Dress Up Day

Erin and Kendal came over today for a dress up party. When I was single and had more means and opportunity, I made (and bought) a bunch of costumes. It is always fun to see them get used (usually by Eden's cousins). I look forward to when Eden will be dressing up in these.

Erin the Clown:

Kendal the Darling Witch:

Eden gets into it:

Kendal the Cowgirl:

Erin the Country Western Star:

Army Ranger Kendal:

Very Stylish:

Silly Clown:

Lady Bug Kendal:

4 response(s):

Alisha said...

Seriously, I love the dress-ups. Much better than a lot of the dress-up stuff they have at the stores. The girls had a great time! Thanks again!

Charlotte said...

Tayneshia said it best when she said that you were the only woman she knew with a "kid trousseau".

It's come in pretty handy though, I'd say!

Cramster said...

Kid Trousseau... that is a great idea!!! Love the pics. Looks like fun.

Bamamoma said...

I figured I had the plates, the couch, the bed, etc. Why not start buying toys, books, and costumes for the future kids of mine? I suppose in some ways it was me proving to myself that I wasn't giving up on having those kids.