Sunday, February 24, 2008

Our Weekend

We had a busy, crazy weekend. Phil and Eden got to spend lots of time together which they both loved! Thursday night I went to RS Enrichment and Friday afternoon I went Visiting Teaching for over four hours. My partner and I visit four older women who love visitors so we like to spend some time with each of them. Saturday was our third rainy day and although we love having the rain, sometimes we don't love getting the rain. We woke up feeling a little gloomy and in need of seeing the sky. After a morning of cleaning the house (a very important necessity after we have all had the flu) and such, I headed to B'ham for a stake camp meeting and the youth dance. Therefore, Eden got to spend more time with her daddy. I'm so grateful that he is such an able and willing daddy. He is still dealing with the flu symptoms but slowly getting better.

Tonight we had a man over for dinner and FHE. He is here in 'bama working and will be moving his family down from BC (Canada) next month. I doubt he'll end up in our branch but it was really nice to have him over and get to know him. I love that the gospel gives us an instant bond and commonality with others regardless of where we live or what other aspects of our lives we may or may not have in common.

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