Monday, March 17, 2008

Big Fish (alternative title: "Sta, you are going to be so jealous and totally going to want to come visit us now!")

I love this picture because it captures how engaged Eden was during most of our time at the Georgia Aquarium (and her funny cowlick on the back of her head - no, I haven't dyed my hair, just weird lighting):

Big Fish Tank:

That's what I'm talkin' 'bout:
So cute (us, the fish is actually kinda ugly):
I think this was my favorite fish it totally looks like Pixar created it:
What is a girl to do when daddy is saying "look at the camera" and mommy is saying "look at the fish!" (obey the daddy, of course!):
I LOVE this photo. It isn't just the cheesy grin on Charlotte's face or the stud she married. It isn't even my pathetic attempt to jump in the picture. It is the disgusted look on the face of the girl in the middle of the shot. Classic!
Beluga anyone?
Ooooh.... Ahhhh....

We had so much fun at the Georgia Aquarium on Saturday. It was the day after the tornado hit the Georgia Dome and there was certainly evidence throughout downtown . Kinda crazy.

My favorite part of the whole experience was watching Eden. It may sound cheesy and cliche but experiencing things through the eyes of a child is truly amazing. She was absolutely captivated the entire three hours we were there. She did really well in the car too. What a trooper!

To see other pictures you can check out Charlotte's blog here.

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Charlotte said...

Awesome photos!

That one of the disgusted girl is quite funny. What's she doing honing in on our picture anyway?

What kind of person would have the nerve to go around, trying to get into other people's vacation shots?

We certainly don't know ANYONE like that!


Bamamoma said...


Alisha said...

Charlotte and Eric seem really cool. Where is Johnny Rays? The pictures are awesome!

Bamamoma said...

Alisha, Johnny Rays is in B'ham. There is one by the stake center (not the original) and then the original is in the south end of B'ham (south of UAB). They have "award-winning" pie. We'll have to go next Saturday-session of stake conference.