Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Dating Diaries - Entry 2 - Puffs Plus Please

About nine years ago I had been introduced to a very nice man by a mutual acquaintance. This guy had a great smile and seemed like a really great guy. We talked a few times and then we decided to go do something together. At the time, I was a really big fan of hockey (yes, hockey!). USU had a great team. Through my job, I knew most of the hockey players (something to do with academic qualifications... let's not go down that stereotypical road though) and they had even presented me with a hockey jersey (not that I could be bought or anything). So, this really nice guy and I decided to go to a college hockey game. He had never been to a hockey game and was trying hard to be enthused about this plan.

He picked me up and we drove to Ogden. We got our hockey tickets and then went to eat at a restaurant. All the way down to Ogden and through the meal our conversations went along these lines:

Him: So, do you like cats?
Me: I really don't. In fact, I'm extremely allergic to cats.
Him: I love cats! I own a cat. [He than proceeded to tell me all the funny things his cat had done that week, month, year.]
Me: I knew a funny cat once ...

Me: So, one of the things about the hockey games that I love is that they play classic rock every time there is a break in the action. I love it!
Him: I don't really like loud music. I enjoy classical not classic.
Me: Yeah, classical is nice, I love Chopin.
Him: I never really understood the allure of Chopin.

Me: So, another thing I like about the hockey games is that everyone gets up and boogies when the music is playing. It is awesome to just cut loose.
Him: I don't dance.

You get the picture.

After dinner we went to the hockey game and arrived just as the first period began (hockey doesn't have quarters or halves, it has three periods). I was pumped and immediately saw many of my friends. We joined them - one of us enthusiastically and the other with great reluctance (I'll let you guess which was which).

Every time there was a break in the action I would remain standing (because let's be honest, you don't sit during a hockey game) and boogie to the classic rock. He would slowly stand but he was right, he didn't dance. I was beginning to feel badly about dragging this really nice guy to something that was so out of his interest and comfort zone.

Finally the first period was over. Attempting to ease the moment and provide some hope for an end in sight, I loudly exclaimed (while shaking his shoulders in a pseudo boogie move), "Be happy! You just survived your first period!" I should have left it at that, but realizing what I'd just said and how it could be misunderstood I lamely added: "...of hockey, your first period of hockey!"

I don't think we stayed to the end.

When we got in the car our noses began to thaw and therefore drip a little. He handed me a tissue. What was this? Puffs Plus????? I LOVE Puffs Plus, it is the only tissue I'll buy. Then in one of those moments that are best left silent, I exclaimed, "Finally, something in common!"

There was no second date.

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Charlotte said...

Man, I've got to come up with my own dating diary entry . . .

So much to choose from . . . So many privacy issues . . .

The Quest Begins!

Layne said...

Oh, That Guy. I hate That Guy--elitist killjoy version.

Jodi said...

You really should compile these into a book and publish them. They are hysterical. Although, I am dying to know names--sometimes the characters are all too familiar.

Alisha said...

Can't wait for the next entry...I had a smile on my face the entire time I was reading. Thanks for sharing!

amy greenway said...

SO FUNNY! You crack me up. And how sad is it that he probably went home that night wishing that you had been just as boring as he was? Thank goodness you aren't.