Monday, March 3, 2008

Kinda Rough

This weekend we finally tackled our hall bathroom! Those of you who have seen it know that this was no small task. The walls were painted purple but had bleach streaks making the walls purple AND blue. There was a hideous wallpaper border. The worst thing though was that the previous owners had put in an exceeding amount of metal anchors which had to be removed and then patched. We spent most of Friday and all day Saturday tackling this project. It is now a beautiful off-white bathroom. I did the patching and I have to say that I did a pretty good job (18 patches on one wall!) but it is a little ROUGH in a few places. At this point I don't even care.

Since we spent so much time on our bathroom, I didn't spend as much time as I like (I was told by a fabulous teacher/stake president to spend 10 hours of prep for every hour of teaching). Therefore, my lesson didn't go as I'd like. In fact, it was pretty ROUGH. It was on eternal marriage (again) and there are a couple of girls already planning non-temple weddings. I was informed by a couple of the girls that I am too critical of them and that I just don't love them. This is good for me right?

During Sunday School Eden fell and bonked her head on the chair in front of us (she was sitting on the floor). She screamed quite loudly so I took her out - like all the way outside. As I was walking around outside, one of the branch members told me the following: "I was sayin' to my wife the other day that you sure have been lookin' ROUGH lately. You are a beautiful woman so I figure it must be the little one here that is making you look so ROUGH." I thought to myself, "wow, you only ever see me on Sundays when I've actually put on makeup and tried to look nice. You should have seen me yesterday covered with paint and grime and without a shower!"

Yeah, it was a ROUGH weekend...

So, now it is on to a new week which includes my sister, Merilee, arriving (tonight) for a week and Phil's surgery on Wednesday. I'm sure it will all go smoothly. In fact, Phil received a fabulous Priesthood blessing last night from our home teacher and branch president. Smooth is definitely the order for this week!

I'll have to post pictures of the bathroom when I get them.

5 response(s):

Charlotte said...

Oh--those girls. One day they'll realize that it is BECAUSE you love them that you go through the trouble of telling them the things they don't want to hear.

In the meantime, hang in there.

Smooth! Smooth! Smooth!

Cramster said...

Sounds rough. I can't wait to see your bathroom pics.

Young women are hard. Keep loving them and eventually it will get through to them. (Eventually meaning when they are 40.)

Layne said...

Sigh. I get the same thing, only mine are Relief Society sisters whose husbands won't come to church. Look, don't shoot the messenger, folks. I'm just giving the lesson they assigned me.

Alisha said...

You gotta to love it! Sorry about Sunday! I know that you are exactly what our young women need! Hang in there! Enjoy your sister and I hope that all goes well with Phil's surgery!

amy greenway said...

Sometimes people just need to keep their mouths shut. What was the possible advantage to telling you you looked rough? How were you supposed to respond to that? Sheesh.