Sunday, March 23, 2008

Eden Pictures: Easter

Here is Eden playing on our family room floor with the sunlight coming through the back door. She is playing with her rubber ducky (a faithful VM baby).

Eden with ponytails (kind of). She doesn't keep things in her hair long and we have to remove them before naps or she'll try to eat the rubberbands (not a good thing).
Easter 2008.
When she first saw her Easter dress she said (for the first time) "priii-tee." The rest of the day everything she saw (flowers, my skirt, pictures) was "priii-tee."

She spends much of her time with her tongue out. I think she is still figuring out what those teeth are (all 1.5 of them she has now).

Handsome daddy, adorable baby, tired mommy.

2 response(s):

Cramster said...

Beyond adorable baby, Heidi. I can't believe how cute she is. And talking already?? Dang. She is advanced.

Porters said...

Beautiful! You and your family are beautiful. I don't think you've aged a bit since HS what is your secret??

Congratulations on everything, baby and marriage.