Saturday, April 5, 2008

70 Years of being a Character

On March 29th, my dad turned 70. Months ago, my mother decided it would be great fun to surprise him with a big old birthday party. She contacted each of her ten kids and everyone made arrangements to get their party favors to Smithfield, Utah for the big event. Now, for most of us this doesn't mean a couple hours of driving. Becks gathered from near (my youngest brother still lives at home so that was pretty near) and far (there are five of us in the Eastern U.S.). My older brother even came although he had pneumonia and was supposed to be in bed. It was a glorious time!

Although all ten kids attended only 4/9 spouses and 18/31 grandkids made it. Dad was completely surprised and has decided to live until his 75th birthday so that we can do it again!

Here are some pics...

We had a family picture taken, here is Josh (#10) and some of the grandkids:
the girl-cousins had lots of fun together (in the background the adults are being positioned for the family portrait:
Mom and Dad with the 18 (out of 31 - with 3 on the way) grandkids (you gotta love Eden's hair):
A Beck get together isn't complete without ice cream at Caspers:

Here is Michael (#4) yeah, he's a high school Vice Principal - can't you tell?
Jon (#8) put together a great DVD of family pictures and memories, I don't know how he gets so much done!
Yup, that's me (#3) sporting a new hairstyle, what do you think?

For those who care, here is an update on my siblings:
Merilee - 7 kids ages 5 to 22 - Pullman, WA
Mark - 5 kids ages 4 to 16 - Corning, NY
Me - 1 kid age 11 months - Anniston, AL
Michael - 4 kids ages 3 to 11 - Dallas, OR
Heather - 4 kids ages 3 to 10 (& adopted son arriving from Vietnam soon!) - Smithfield, UT
Andrew - 4 kids ages newborn to 6 - Corning, NY
Paul - 2 kids ages newborn to 3 - Durham, NC
Jon - 3 kids ages 1 to 4 (& one due in July) - Ann Arbor, MI (moving to VA in July)
Emily - 1 kid age 2 (& one due in Oct) - Burley, ID
Josh - still a kid himself - Smithfield, UT

2 response(s):

Jill Bearden said...

Looks like you had a fun time! I can't believe you all got together. My family of 10 kids still live in Utah (except one)and I can't remember the last time we were ALL together. Good for you! I like your hair!

Porters said...

Wow Heidi, it is good to see a fine gathering for such a great man! I'm sorry to hear your father has been battling health problems, he sure looks happy to have his family around. Your mom...she looks so good for having 10 kids, what a trooper huh! The grandkids are beautiful! I love your hair (I remember cutting mine short after my first child only you pull it off well!!).