Thursday, April 10, 2008

She crawls! and other Eden news

On Sunday, Eden got up on all fours (she's been doing this for quite a while now), looked over her left shoulder to make sure Phil was watching then over her right shoulder to make sure I was watching and then took off crawling (she hasn't been doing this). She is enjoying her new-found mobility. We now find her sitting up in bed (usually when she is supposed to be sleeping). Her vocabulary includes: baby, mama, dada, pretty (priiiteee), ball, and bye-bye. She cracks us up!

Monday we had a busy, busy day. Eden and I drove to Sam's Club (about an hour away) to stock up on groceries. Then we had to go to WalMart (sorry Layne and Morgann) to buy what wasn't at Sam's. It was a full day of shopping and Eden was a trooper. As I got her out of the buggy (Alabaman for shopping cart) I asked her if she wanted to dance. Sometimes she wants to dance and sometimes she doesn't. She is very clear in her own mind what she does and doesn't want. When the answer is "yes" she wraps her cute, pudgy fist around my thumb and we twirl around like we are the next contestant to get voted off "Dancing with the Stars." The answer was "YES!" and we twirled around the car for a moment. She was thrilled and enthusiastically wrapped her arms around my neck and gave me a big hug and kiss. Then (and this is the really impressive part) she willingly got into her car seat. It was as though she was saying, "mom, this has been a busy day, thanks for taking out a little time to just be silly with me."

I love my girl!

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Amanda said...

Wow. Seriously what a trooper after all day shopping. She has great potential... :) just wait until she is a teenager.

That is so exciting about her crawling!!!! I don't know, but I suspect she will walk pretty soon, too. I think late crawlers don't wait too long to make the transition. John starting walking at the same age as a kid in our ward who had been crawling for 4 more months than John.

And I am impressed she is talking!!! John doesn't really have any words. Well, he does say mom or mama to get my attention. She must get called pretty a lot (or perhaps you do?) for that to be one of her first words.