Saturday, April 26, 2008

Eden Tagged!

Eden has been tagged by "Pinga" and "Superman" so here are eleven things about Eden:

  • She is the most extroverted kid I've ever known. She loves to seek out the person in the room who hasn't noticed her yet and make sure that little problem is solved.
  • She instinctively knows what foods are sweet. She can see a packaged candy bar that she's never seen and knows that she wants it (and wants it NOW!). (here she is enjoying her first choc-chipcookie)
  • She is very opinionated. She knows what she likes and what she doesn't and has a way of communicating that.
  • She loves to swing in our backyard or the park or the community center but especially our backyard.
  • She is a crawling machine and is finally showing some interest in walking (oh help her mother).
  • She LOVES, LOVES, LOVES her daddy. Mom's "okay" but daddy is the bomb! Actually she prefers men in general. Especially tall men. Daddy says "we're locking her up!"
  • She has silent reflux and so has been on Zantac since about 6 weeks. She gets very excited when she sees the red Target bottle and knows she gets to take 1 ml of the nasty stuff. Seriously, she thinks it is rather tasty.
  • She is quite dependent on her binky and blanky but only at sleeping time and when she is stuck in her car seat. When she gets up from a nap she takes her binky out and hands it to me. That means, "this nap is over mom, get me out of this cage!"
  • Patience is NOT one of her virtues. She came exactly a month early and has been impatient ever since. (That would have been a year ago tomorrow - happy b'day Eden.)
  • She likes to boogie. Sometimes our lullaby singing prompts boogies instead of sleep.
  • She has been on four airplane trips (8 if you count the tos and froms).
And now Eden tags Isaac, Little John, Erin, Cecily, and Trey.

4 response(s):

Porters said...

Happy Birthday Eden!

Alicia said...

She's going to give you a run for your money:) What a cutie! I wish we could see you all more often. Come to Virginia anytime! Avery and Anson made a birthday note for Eden (from Avery, Anson, and Punka--Punka hired Avery and Anson to make birthday notes for him). It has not been mailed yet, but it will be soon. Hopefully she doesn't mind it coming a little late.

Jill Bearden said...

She is so much fun! I always marvel at her beautiful eyes! You are lucky that she likes her medicine SO much. My girls have been like that too, but we have a niece that has to be FORCED to take any medication. It usually end up with her throwing up...and she is six!!! We should count our blessing that we have "druggies" for dauthers. :-)

Amanda said...

Yeah John is a tall boy. He is as tall as a lot of kids that nearly 2. Just so you know we are heading to Utah for graduation!!! and I will do the tag on John when we get back. That is a fun idea - to tag kids.