Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Baby Words and a little TMI

Eden has begun putting words together. She'll say, "silly hair" when she sees her hair in the morning (for so little hair she gets some serious bedhead sometimes!) or she'll say, "I happy" or "pretty shirt" or whatever. She's actually been doing this for a month or so but usually she has repeated a combination that she's heard us say.

Yesterday she came up with her own descriptive phrase and I must say it is quite impressive. Someone tooted (ok, it was me ... oh come on, you do it too!) and she exclaimed,


5 response(s):

michellejohnnie said...

I love when kids are learning to talk! So funny and hysterical sometimes!

amy greenway said...

SOOOO funny. She's a smart cookie. I better not tell my kids this story or they'll have a new word to share with all their friends.

Today as I was waiting to pick Eli up from preschool my friend said something about belly buttons and it reminded me of Eden so I told the belly button story. Cecily was standing there listening to me and guess what she's been doing ever since? You guessed it, showing off that belly button. She's not saying anything but obviously she knows exactly what I'm talking about. Guess I better cut out the 4 letter words. ha :)

Corrie said...

that's a crack up.

Alisha said...

That girl is too cute! I can totally here those words coming out of her mouth!

Cassavaugh Family said...

I think I'm adopting this new description. Making me laugh lots!