Friday, November 28, 2008

Food Friday - Thanksgiving Edition

We had a very nice Thanksgiving. We stayed here in 'bama and enjoyed a nice meal with our good friends.

I took four pans of these rolls
(Phil rolled them for me, aren't they beautiful?)

I also took some cranapple salad

This cranberry cheesecake

Cranberry Cheesecake - In your mixer combine 8 oz of softened cream cheese, 1 can of sweet and condensed milk, 2 T lemon juice, and 1 egg. Pour into a graham cracker crust. In a separate bowl mix 8 oz whole berry cranberry sauce, 1 T brown sugar, and 3 T cornstarch and then drop globs into the cheese mixture. In another bowl mix 1/3 C flour, 3/4 C walnuts (optional), 2 T brown sugar, and 1/2 cube of softened (not melted) butter and crumble on the top. Bake at 375 f for 40-45 minutes (makes two small pies).

This french silk chocolate pie
French Silk Chocolate Pie - In a small saucepan, melt 3 oz of unsweetened chocolate and then cool. Cream 1 C butter and 1 C sugar in your mixer. Add the cooled chocolate and 1 t vanilla. Add 2 eggs and beat (or whip) on high speed for 5 minutes. Add 2 more eggs and beat for 5 more minutes. Pour into a baked pie shell. Refrigerate. Top with whipped cream.

And my first ever cherry pie
(Phil's favorite - I think I passed the make-it-close-to-as-good-as-my-mom's test)
Cherry Pie - I bought two cans of Oregon Tart Cherries and used the recipe on the label (which was the same as the one my MIL sent me)

How was your day? What food did you make and how did it all turn out? Don't you just love the smells of baking? Ummy, ummy!

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5 response(s):

Jill said...

You are amazing! They all look wonderful!!

michellejohnnie said...

I think I want to come to a buffet at your house!

Cassavaugh Family said...

OK I made Lion House rolls from scratch for Thanksgiving (not from the box mix). I never make rolls for thanksgiving. Since Nick did almost all of the other cooking it didn't seem overwhelming. I got some pictures of Dan helping me. I will post on our online photo album soon. I captured Sam helping Nick with the apple pie as well. Everything was delicious. I mostly care about the stuffing rolls and potatoes. Bring on the carbohydrates! I made the stuffing from scratch as well - broke up the pieces of old bread etc. mixed the spices etc. just like my mom did. FUN I also cooked fresh pumpkin pie from the pie pumpkin Sam picked as his Halloween pumpkin this year. The boys have been asking for several weeks - when are you going to make pumpkin pie from that? SO then I did and Dan took one bite and about gagged. However, today the pie was tastier and he ate an entire piece. Go figure. Kids - I love them.

corrie said...

Sooooooo delicious! Thank you thank you!

Layne said...

Wow. Your lattice top looks fantastic!