Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Chemo, Strawberry Jam, and Eden

Phil's chemo started last Thursday. He is scheduled to have it every-other week for six months. He got pretty darn sick over the weekend but has bounced back well this week. I am grateful for that. I am just amazed at his strength - physical, emotional, and spiritual.

If anyone knows of good recipes for foods during chemo-nausea, please email them or post them in the comments. Thanks, Michelle, for the ones you sent. We are anxious to try it next week.

This morning I made strawberry jam. I LOVE strawberry freezer jam! I haven't made it for a few years so it is good to have it again. I know it isn't the most healthy form of berries but it sure is yummy!

Eden has been just great! She seems much more able and willing to be content these days. Today I had a bunch of errands to run and she just entertained herself in the car seat and was a happy little companion for me. She finally rolled over this week but having done it (twice) she seems content to remain on her back now. She hates tummy time so why would she do that to herself? Funny kid.

Here are some more pictures of Eden. Grandma Beck gave her these cute tights.

She won't roll but she will stand (just needs some help with the balancing stuff).

Laundry day

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Cramster said...

Eden is such a cutie! I can't tell who she looks more like. Such pretty blue eyes. We should totally arrange a marriage!

I don't know what to suggest about chemo recipes. When my mom had it she basically just ate anything that didn't contribute to the nausea. She had been on a whole food/no white sugar/no white flour kind of diet before she was diagnosed with breast cancer. She tried to stick to it, but she found that some veggies (and I think the bulk of all that kind of fiber) was too much to handle.

Hang in there.

Layne said...

I know that ginger is supposed to be a nausea remedy--we take ginger snaps with us whenever we go to an amusement park, and they really help. I don't know about chemo, though. Ore there's that palate-cleansing pickled ginger that you get with sushi.

Layne said...

I mean OR, of course, not ORE. Grrr.