Monday, October 8, 2007


Two weeks ago I wrote two poems. I'm not really much of a poet (as you'll see) but I thought each of these had a particular charm. The first was written to amuse myself and Eden (as you'll see). It was a bonus that it also got stuck in Phil's head for a couple of days. The second was written for my YW lesson on integrity.


There's a Girl, her name is Eden
She is sweet, but not from Sweden
She's from 'bama
Where she'll learn gramma'
And her writin' and her readin'

Sometimes Sue

There once was a girl, perhaps like you.
Everyone called her Sometimes Sue.

Sometimes she was good and sometimes she was bad.
Sometimes she was happy and sometimes mad.

On Sundays she knew right from wrong
And loved the Spirit when it was strong.

But when Sometimes Sue was out with a friend,
Her “churchy behavior” would come to an end.

When she pondered this regretful fact,
She realized her integrity had slacked.

Sometimes Sue knew that she had a choice.
She could follow the world or the Still Small Voice.

Then Sometimes Sue made a decision.
She’d had a great thought, a spark, a vision!

Her habits would need some rearranging
And her attitude would need some changing.

After lots of prayer and also some fasting,
She noticed the good was finally lasting.

The times she felt peaceful were really the best,
She’d chosen the good and bagged the rest!

So if you’ve found you’re at all like Sue,
This story tells you just what to do.

Search, ponder, and pray; then do some fasting,
And soon you’ll find that your joy's everlasting.

I'm sure Voice Male is going to want me to be their new lyricist after reading these! :)

2 response(s):

Jodi said...

Watch out Shel Silverstein! I love it!

Cramster said...

You have mad skilz Heidi. MAD SKILZ.